8 Apr 2022

Think ahead of promotional campaigns with dot matrix

We have launched the new dot matrix so you can think ahead and get ahead in promotional campaigns. Discover the monomeric vinyl decal with an innovative adhesive that facilitates the elimination of wrinkles and air bubbles in indoor applications, without forgetting ecology.


As a professional working in the visual communication segment, you know the fast, hectic pace of promotional campaigns too well. The message needs to be as effective as where it is displayed, and everything must work quickly and effectively to attract the target audience at the right moment. With this in mind, we have launched the new dot matrix, and we challenge your company to think ahead.

How? It’s as simple as indoor applications with monomeric vinyl as there’s no need for support material. Also, the task is simple enough for you to delegate to less experienced employees.

If you prefer, deliver the work to your customers with the option for them to apply it themselves. Like this, it stands out from the competition as a complete solution and ensures competitive profit margins with savings on human resources and travel.

With new decal dot matrix, communicating in public and commercial spaces also becomes more versatile with the possibility of repositioning the vinyl in the first hours after application. At the end of the campaigns, the removal is done quickly and without leaving residues.

The advantages don't stop there. The white matte and clear glossy finishes make these products ideal for mirrored applications and environmental sustainability is ensured by its water-based adhesive and PE liner, which eliminates vinyl curling and reduces waste.

Enjoy and start thinking ahead today with the new decal dot matrix.