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Uncover the transformative impact of Decal® Face Films in the realms of the digital print industry. Dive deep into the innovative features and sustainable applications of these groundbreaking face films, setting new standards in quality and environmental responsibility.

15 Nov 2023

The self-adhesive industry for large-format digital printing is being transformed, due to the growing need for more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for visual communication and decoration. decal® has made headlines for innovative PVC products with solvent-free adhesives in a variety of applications. At the recent exhibition, Printing United, Atlanta, the company not only presented its innovative self-adhesive products but also reinforced its vision for a more sustainable future.

17 Jun 2024
The Dot Matrix is the innovative solution that is transforming the market for adhesive vinyl for short-term promotional campaigns. Designed to exceed user expectations and needs, this new monomeric adhesive offers easy application, is repositionable, and quick to remove, standing out on glass surfaces and much more.
17 Jun 2024
This year, Decal is pleased to introduce the groundbreaking Alldecor 2D collection, designed to enrich any setting with its sophistication and versatility. Centered around sustainability and innovation, the collection offers solutions for a wide range of interior decorating projects, from homes and offices to hotels and shops.
18 Sep 2023

Representatives of VINK UK-Adapt and Amari Plastics travelled to Torres Novas to learn more about decal®.

12 Sep 2023

decal® is presenting its latest eco-friendly and innovative decorative solutions at Printing United Expo 23, scheduled for October 18-20 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta (USA).

12 Sep 2023

Sustainability and the urgency to reduce carbon footprint have ceased to be merely a matter of personal good practices. Companies are taking on an increasingly active role in this fight to ensure the future for all. One way to do so in the field of visual communication is through PVC Free films. In this article, we explain what PVC is and how sustainable alternatives are gaining ground with effective solutions for printing and lamination.

1 Aug 2023

Today's society is increasingly aware that today's decisions determine the future, and choosing sustainable solutions is one of the logical steps in the evolution of large-format digital printing. In this article, we talk about ecological adhesives and how decal® contributes to sustainability through the ones we develop together with BASF to ensure high-performance eco-friendly products.

1 Aug 2023

We reveal how the new range of decal® Winner sublimation papers is the key to achieving the best quality.

7 Jun 2023

Each edition of FESPA is unique, but some things never change; we bring back new convictions and challenges, and 2023 was no exception, with positive results, hundreds of visitors, and numerous meetings daily, where our products were the shining stars.