22 Jan 2021

How do we make the world PVC Free?

From the very beginning, decal assumed its “Think Green” commitment. Why? Because every day we have to make decisions regarding the future and, when talking about decal’s PVC Free range, we talk about sustainability. Not only for indoor and outdoor applications, but also for companies and the planet.


PV… what?

The acronym PVC refers to “polyvinyl chloride” and it is nothing more, nothing less than a solid plastic that, in its original form, presents itself as a white powder. Its components are derived from sodium chloride and natural gas or petroleum, which includes chlorine, hydrogen and carbon.

One of the PVC properties that lead to its use is that it is thermoplastic. What does that mean? This, when subjected to heat, becomes soft and can be easily moulded. When it cools, it regains its previous solidity without losing its new physiognomy.

Why choose a PVC Free world?

We know that our choices today will dictate tomorrow. Therefore, it is important that environmental awareness is reflected, more than ever, in our personal actions and business options. One way to do this is by reducing the harmful effects of plasticizers.

By giving the opportunity to work with decal’s PVC Free products, for printing and lamination, we believe that we are halfway through, closer to building a good future together with the market.

Ecology with extra benefits

We have added six benefits to the ecological aspect of this decal’s range, which represents an alternative response to conventional Sign Graphics applications, on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Security in all spaces
There are many types of environments and, if we talk about hospitals, schools or restaurants, there are demanding requirements that justify extra care in the properties of the applications. PVC Free products meet these requirements.

Technological variety
Complications caused by the migration of plasticizers are recurrent in the use of soft-pvc and reduce the response capacity. Even with a top-range printer, print quality is seriously
compromised and the choice of materials remains limited. With PVC Free products the problem is solved.

Balance with symmetry
The balance we want for the planet also includes the one professional seek in their work. PVC Free products ensure uniform results in the main types of digital printing technology, including latex, in addition to the non-shrinking of materials after application.

Everyone gets profit
This is something that stands out in decal’s products, and this range is no exception, as the investments companies make is materialized in presenting competitive budgets to their customers. The PVC Free option is, therefore, profitable at all levels.

Having what it is needed
As we have already mentioned, we have developed our PVC Free products inspired by our “Think Green” commitment. This focus on the objective is reflected in the precision of the prints at the level of colours, guaranteed by the surface treatment with definition and perfect fixation of the point.

The ecological message can reach everyone without limits when combining creativity and effectiveness. The combination of the transparent properties of adhesives and decal’s PVC Free films allows communication without noise on glass and glazed surfaces, such as shop windows.

Now that you have learned more things about the matter and the sustainable solutions we present, do you also want to make the world PVC Free? Choose our products and paste ecology in the evolution of your company.