1 Feb 2021

February's decal opportunities continue to be Premium

We start February with a renewed desire to offer decal opportunities to our customers who buy online. The campaign continues to focus on the Premium Collection for Sign Graphics and covers lamination and printing products.


Throughout the month we will give you the opportunity to buy our adhesive solutions with a discount. Five proposals that will make you stand out with your customers in floor applications, polymeric vinyls for visual communication and glass decoration, plus, the PVC free range, developed without plasticizers.

Paste the right message on the right surface

The name does not deceive. Self-adhesive is a product that has glue in its composition and, when removing the protective film, it is pressed on a surface and it adheres. It has numerous purposes, from identification tags to visual communication.

However, just as there is a wide variety of surfaces, the amount of adhesives that adapt to each situation is also vast. For the desired results to be obtained, the surface where the adhesive is to be applied must be taken into consideration.

Highlighted decal products to paste wherever you want

The highlights of our February's opportunities campaign include several decal ranges that allow you to transmit the desired message, without difficulty and effectively at all times: application, exposure and removal.

Floor applications (printing and lamination)
Floorprint, for printing, and Floorgraphics, for lamination decal products are the most suitable for floor applications, allowing you to communicate in the right direction and without slipping. An ideal opportunity to answer to the safety signaling need that current times impose.

Polymeric vinyl (printing)
When you want signaling applications and graphics, the solution is with Polymeric vinyl products. It has never been easier to guarantee messages that last indoors and outdoors.

Glass decor (printing)
How to communicate through decoration? Transforming glass and glazed surfaces into messages has never made more sense than with the Glass decor range. These products also stand out when opacity is preferred, which ensures privacy.

PVC free (printing)
After the PVC free laminating products highlighted in January, we continue to give you the opportunity to buy products from this ecological range. Every day we make decisions regarding the future and, to help you with those choices, we guarantee sustainable applications that ensure the longevity of the planet and of each impression.

Now that you know February's decal opportunities, make your choice, buy online and receive a discount voucher to apply to a future purchase.