10 Feb 2021

Do you have your passport at hand to participate in the fairs of 2021?

We all know the importance of international fairs for companies. Faced by professionals as precious opportunities, whether as exhibitors or visitors, it is worth preparing your passport and traveling through the different continents, where each event will make your company part of the new trends.


In 2021, we are looking forward to the strong return of these meeting points from the large format digital printing market, where fruitful partnerships are made and meet or share news. Decal has already confirmed its assistance with its adhesive consumables in some of them.

We are talking about an itinerary made on a global scale, and it is worth getting to know it. Do you have the World Map and your passport at hand? Then, find out where some of the biggest international fairs will take place this year and mark the must visit points where you will receive the “evolution” stamp.

We start with the European continent

1st and 2nd stops: Spain

It is in the Spanish capital, Madrid, where the two major fairs on the Iberian Peninsula are going to be held, Digicom and C! Print. Both have a date set for September and are already part of decal's agenda.

At Digicom we can count on new equipment, applications and consumables for different sectors of visual communication. Who is going to be present in this event at IFEMA between September 14th and 16th? Digital printing professionals, photographers and designers.

At C! Print, it is the technological innovations of the digital printing market which will stand out, between September 28th and 30th. Visitors and exhibitors arrive from all over the world and can participate in workshops and lectures.

3rd stop: The Netherlands

FESPA, the largest fair on the market in Europe, will take place in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. RAI opens its doors between October 12th and 15th, and decal has already guaranteed its exhibition space, and expects to surpass the way in which it surprised visitors in its last edition.

The completely innovative 360o virtual experience showed the factory from which decal exports to more than 50 countries, and many more are expected to be reached with the news 2021 brings. Among them, there are products for interior decoration with textures and personalization possibilities.

We continue towards the Asian continent

4th, 5th and 6th stops: India

International fairs are highly relevant to the large format digital printing market in this continent. One of them is PAINTINDIA, which takes place at the India Expo Center & Mart (Greater Noida), between March 11th and 13th , presenting solutions for small-scale production and industrial printing.

In Mumbai, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Center hosts PRINTPACK, a fair for packaging solutions. The date of this fair is still to be confirmed, but with a date set, in the same place, China Machinex will take place. The event that highlights solutions for industrial production will take place between September 9th and 11th.

7th and 8th stops: China

Between March 4th and 6th, all eyes will be set on Printing South China. This event has more than 26 editions and this year, China Import and Export Fair Complex, in Guangzhou, will once again receive professionals from different segments of the large format digital printing market.

With the suitcases packed, the trip continues to Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Expo (DTPEXPO), to see the novelties in textile printing from July 21st to 24th.

9th stop: Pakistan

The itinerary of this 2021 also includes Pakistan, where the Digital Textile Printing Industry Expo is taking place on March 6th and 7th. The textile printing of clothing, sportswear and footwear gives name to this event.

Still in March and later, in November, other market segments gain greater visibility in this destination. In the case of 3D printing, with ITCN ASIA IT & TELECOM SHOW, from March 19th to 21st and, in the case of packaging and labeling, with PrintPak Expo, between November 20th and 22nd.

Further south, the trip passes through the African continent

10th stop: Egypt

The next stamp in the passport is placed at the Print 2 Pack Expo, held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Between September 4th and 6th, you can visit a fair dedicated to the segment of large format packaging and printing, with the presentation of products, substrates and complementary services for the market.

11th stop: Kenya

Anyone who wants to have the “right packaging” for technology and consumables dedicated to the packaging of food products needs to stop at the KENYA Print Pack Sign Expo, which takes place in Nairobi, between September 23th and 25th.

12th and 13th stops: South Africa

The same market segment continues to be present in the itinerary of the 2021 international fairs, and two events that must be highlighted are the Print Expo and the Africa Print Expo. The first takes place between June 8th and 10th and the second from September 8th to 10th.

We jump from the Atlantic Ocean to the American continent

Last stops: United States of America

The last stops are made in this country, where thousands of events have already been scheduled for 2021. The list is vast and you can choose the most interesting stops for your company at https://10times.com/usa/printing.

When selecting a destination, we opted for two international fairs held in Las Vegas. The White Label World Expo, used to receiving around 20,000 visitors, is scheduled for March 10th and 11th. The following month, between April 7th and 9th, the International Sign Expo takes place and includes online transmission to receive "virtual tours" from all around the world.

Prepared to receive the “evolution” stamp?

Throughout this article, we shared several international fairs where it is possible to receive the “evolution” stamp in the segments of visual communication, decoration, packaging and textiles, among others, regardless of the volume of production.

Grab your passport and get ready to travel the world of large format digital printing. You will certainly find us at some of these events, because evolution has been part of decal's path since we started to trace it.