28 Jan 2021

Decal's online portal has already received many customers! Now we are waiting for you

We launched the new online portal in October 2020 with the aim of creating a dynamic and intuitive virtual space, in which we provide relevant and practical information about us and our products. No matter what time it is, the doors of our online store are always open, and the data shows that more and more customers are buying decal online safely.


Having as a reference the first three months of existence, our portal has received more than 21,000 visits, which we can translate into 183 new customers registered. Those who entered in our online store at the beginning realized that we want to guarantee the best to those who visit us, and our confidence was reinforced by the more than 3,000 orders placed during this time period.

Many of them were recognized for offering more than 180 discount vouchers associated with the campaigns we have in place (and which continue). In February, we again highlight “decal opportunities”, focused on our Premium Collection for Sign Graphics (link para a página de campanha) and decal sublimation paper range for textile printing.

And the news does not stop here. Our top 3 sales by countries goes beyond the borders of the Iberian Peninsula and the oceans. Portugal leads the list, followed by Spain, and it is necessary to travel a little further to discover the third place in the list, occupied by the United States of America.

In short, many customers have already visited us. We appreciate their visit and, of course, we want them to increase. The store space is like our motivation to welcome you, in other words, it has no limits.