21 Feb 2022

decal: applying the present to the future

After being in the business of large format digital printing for decades, we know the importance of presenting solutions to the market in the present with our eyes set on the future. Learn how we do it with innovative and sustainable self-adhesive products.


Is it possible to apply the present to the future? Yes, it is. With decal, it is simple. We draw on our vast experience in self-adhesive products for the large format digital printing market. We take from the past and work today to sustain the tomorrow of companies and the planet with efficient and environmentally friendly applications.

Innovation and sustainability are present in all decal ranges for printing and lamination, including monomeric and polymeric vinyl with PVC Free option. We have versatile solutions designed to enhance the quality and competitiveness of visual communication, labeling, and the decoration of interiors and vehicles.

We share how we apply the present to the future with the same strength as our permanent high tack adhesives. So, we can be sure they will not come unstuck. However, rest assured in the case of your applications because decal adhesives can be easily removed whenever you want and with the assurance that they will leave no residue.

Innovating today

Products with unique properties
The decal laboratory is committed to responding to the diverse needs of professionals by developing unique products. The result is in the improvement of printing, finishing (cutting and lamination), the application of materials, the strength and durability of applications, and their removal.

The anti-humidity, RSS (Removable Smooth Surface) and Dot Matrix ranges are the latest proposals in a vast portfolio that includes the high strength and grip of high tack permanent adhesives, the bubble-free adhesives, the ultra-transparency of crystal-clear adhesives, and the foolproof opacity of greyback adhesives.

Anti-humidity range: the monomeric, polymeric, and PVC Free vinyl print range is protected by PE liner, which eliminates the waving and curling of vinyl caused by humidity when printing and applying, as well as during the exposure of materials.

RSS range: uniting the benefits of removable adhesives, with the possibility of repositioning within the first hours of application and rapid removal without residues, and benefits of permanent adhesives, with high grip over the exposure time of the applications.

Dot Matrix range: the innovative dotted pattern of these adhesives generates air channels that prevent the formation of bubbles and wrinkles, allowing an easy and direct application of materials, with the possibility of repositioning without the need for specialist tools or materials.

"COTEC 2021 INNOVATIVE Statute" 
Our pioneering spirit has been given recognition with the COTEC 2021 INNOVATIVE Statute awarded to Digidelta, our parent company, by COTEC Portugal. This seal of approval - supported by metrics such as turnover, exports, and R&D processes - highlights Portuguese SMEs that materialize innovation in robust capital and management capacity.

We sustain tomorrow

We respond to the challenge of public safety and the climate crisis with the PVC FREE range. Produced without plasticizers, with water-based adhesives, and free of volatile organic compounds (OC). An ecological option with a wide range of printing and lamination possibilities for visual communication campaigns and interior decoration.

Think Green
Ecological by nature and committed to "Think Green" in the choice of materials used in the production methods we adopt, to minimize risk to public health and the environment.

We opt for European raw materials certified by the International Association FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) from projects that follow good forest management practices and the German independent institute ISEGA (Industrie-Studien Und Entsorgungsgesellschaft GmbH) for sustainability.

All products comply with the European REACH Regulation and the European RoHS Directive for control of the use of chemicals with approval by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) concerning safety for human and food contact.

Would you like to apply the present to the future?

Now you know how simple it is to apply the present to the future, choose decal products. Contact us or register and enjoy advantageous conditions for online orders.