18 Oct 2021

Commitment to enhanced European quality with the status of Registered Exporter

Our commitment to certified European raw materials was reinforced by the registration of Digidelta, the company that owns the brand decal, in the Registered Exporter System (REX).


This system of certification of origin of goods has been in force since 2017, allowing exporters (producers or traders of originating products) and reshippers to issue their own certificates in the commercial documents.

Decal, therefore, becomes part of the database of companies established in the European Union that are exempt from customs duties and quotas in the commercial exchanges of products originating in this territory. In Portugal, registration is carried out by the Directorate of Customs Taxation Services (DSTA) of the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority.

The status of Registered Exporter is another step in recognizing the quality of the European raw materials that we use in the production of our self-adhesive products.

It also confirms the importance of the certification processes of this quality that we have already applied in terms of fire resistance, anti-slip, antimicrobial and chemical control.