27 Mar 2023

ANI recognizes Digidelta's suitability in R&D activities

ANI has recognized Digidelta's competence in R&D activities with the " ID: Reconhecimento de Idoneidade na Prática de Atividades de I&D" seal. This certification legitimizes and strengthens the commitment to research and development that make decal® products unique and effective.


Digidelta received the “ID: Reconhecimento de Idoneidade na Prática de Atividades de I&D” (ID: Suitability Recognition in the Practice of R&D Activities) seal, awarded by ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação (National Innovation Agency), after a thorough evaluation of the activities carried out in the field of Production Technologies and Product Industry.

This certification focuses on the area of Innovative and High Value-Added Products and represents an opportunity for Digidelta to differentiate itself in the market for its innovation, establish new partnerships, and access financial support funds.

The submission of applications to SIFIDE - Sistema de Incentivos Fiscais à I&D Empresarial (Corporate R&D Tax Incentive System) has been a common practice of the company in the last seven years, legitimizing the investment made in R&D, with emphasis on the products developed by decal®.

For Rui Leitão, CEO of Digidelta, obtaining this seal is "a well-deserved recognition, thanks to the excellent work and dedication of the entire Digidelta team" and expresses gratitude "to the customers and suppliers who trust us".