Lab Decal

26 Feb 2021

(Re)invent the commitment to quality and innovation

"Commitment". This is the motto that moves the technical team of the Decal laboratory in the search for innovative solutions that respond to the needs of the digital printing market and contribute to the growth of the large format.


Here, each product is thought out in detail, from the moment ideas come up to delivery to the customer, in a process in which quality control plays a fundamental role.


Each day is different from the previous one and it is known, at the outset, that it will also be the next day, that is, the commitment of the Decal laboratory (re)invents itself each time we overcome a challenge and face the next. It was already like this in the old installations and it intensified in the new ones, inaugurated in 2016 with the latest technology that allows the performance of rigorous tests.


The application of the FINAT method, stipulated by the European federation of the self-adhesive industry to test the adhesion of pressure sensitive materials, is part of our daily lives. One of the many procedures adopted to meet the requirements of the internal and international standards of the activity, including those of Quality and RDI (Research, Development and Innovation), as well as technical specifications and product traceability.


Each solution must be a pioneer one, follow best practices and be proven by effective results. Why? Because at the Decal laboratory we want the option for our brand to be much more than choosing a product. We want Decal to be synonymous of innovation sustained by experience in accordance with the international standards required by the almost 50 countries where we are already present.


However, we did not need to cross national boundaries, as all the work developed here was based on a global view. The environmental awareness “think green” has set us apart for over a decade and inspired the first challenge when we decided to harmonize the type of adhesive and the face-stocks used to enhance the possible combinations of both.


Ecology motivated, the PVC Free range, is one of the criteria that distinguish Decal solutions, alongside the creativity, functionality and innovation that make each of our discoveries an advance for the market. The most recent, is the new coated paper with a matte finish receptive to water-based inks, highlighted in the second edition of the NERSANT Business Innovation Award as “Innovation in Digital Printing”.


We are proud of the recognition, but do we stop here? Of course not, and at this moment, we are focused on the research and development of products that continue to (re)invent our commitment in the present that will mark the trends of the future, with the applications of the Alldecor 2D and Smooth Surfaces ranges. We will talk more about these challenges very soon. Until then, stay tuned for Decal news.