Lab Decal

Eureka, we had an idea! Find out how we investigate, develop and test our products to ensure that DECAL® quality sticks to customers.

DECAL® challenges arise all the time and it is not enough to shape them.

We like to evolve safely and ensure that ideas continue to meet our requirement once they are materialized. We are visionary, rigorous and conscientious. We want to mark the trends of the present and contribute to a future as long lasting as our products.

This conviction is the commitment followed in the DECAL® laboratory, with a technical team that develops unique solutions and controls quality from the arrival of the raw material until the output of the final product. A space equipped with advanced technology, where new features coexist with the improvement projects of the products we produce and sell.

We work focused on customer satisfaction and innovation, based on the requirements of certified management systems as prescribed by Quality (ISO 9001 standard) and IDI - Research, Development and Innovation (NP 4457 standard). We accomplish and will continue to excel in transforming the four corners of our laboratory into the four corners of the world.

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