1 Jul 2022

Imas Grafica Srl and decal united in interior design course

The interior design course conducted by Imas Grafica Srl highlighted the decal ranges alldecor 2d, wallcover and glass decor. A set of solutions for decorating furniture, walls, and glass that participants learned to apply under the guidance of specialist, Massimo Farè.


Imas Grafica Srl: more than 40 years of experience

Imas Grafica Srl is an Italian company with over forty years of experience in the digital printing market. They have taken on the mission to ensure their customers a differentiated offer for "innovation, reliability and versatility of use and application".

In addition to selling international brands and private label, this decal partner since 2019 also invests in training of customers and employees with theoretical and practical courses in various matters of interior design.

A twofold experience in training

It was in one of these courses, held last April, that participants gathered in the company's showroom and got to know in detail decal products for decoration under the guidance of professional adhesive film applicator Massimo Farè.

Imas Grafica Srl argues that "experience is not bought" and that the course blended decal with alldecor 2d adhesive and textured films which realistically recreate various materials and wallcover, wallpapers and polymeric vinyl glass decor.

Featuring decal® products

The products chosen were alldecor 2d Phono Welsh Darkbrown, wallcover P HT 160 FR (woodgrain finish) and glass decor P HT BF PE 80 (bubble free and frosted finish).  A set of decoration solutions that covers furniture, walls, and glass and that, according to the company, are evidenced by the ease of application and versatility of the materials.

These features differentiate the decal brand from others, equally important to ensure the desired results. Choosing decal is to opt for certification of fire resistance, scratch and abrasion resistance, durability of colors and materials, ecological, high-performance high tack adhesive, and double side PE anti-humidity liner.

Recognition with know-how

Massimo Farè gave his feedback on the alldecor 2d and glass decor products, which were tested and applied in the interior design course held by Imas Grafica Srl:

“During the course we tried alldecor 2d, the new decal vinyl, and we tested it on different types of surfaces: flat, two-dimensional, with sharp edges, corners etc. In my opinion the material behaved very well, excellent stability and exceptional glue. It is possible to raise the material without splitting it. In the cutting processes it performs very well especially when closing the edges and when we made the English cuts. Of course the several choice of vinyl’s finish is a great YES to this procuct!”

“About glass decor, I must say that it is perfect to decorate glass or glazed surfaces. Here too we did some practical tests. We decided to decorate a window recessed into the wall of several centimeters, we also made tests on the edges and about the cuts. What I can state is that even if it were to whiten due to cutting, with the heat gun it goes back to the natural color.”