Campanhas Decal

Descubra as oportunidades que temos para si neste momento.

Each month of 2021 is a synonym of decal opportunities though the campaign that gives you very advantageous purchasing conditions. Discover May´s novelties and stay watchful of the next ones to guarantee that your company st...

The opportunities of the month of March add an excellent novelty and proven excellence by highlighting the ranges for interior decoration of our Premium Collection, decal alldecor 2d and wallcover.

Sublimation paper range products for textile printing are highlighted in February's decal opportunities campaign.

Decal opportunities for the year of 2021 continue in the campaign in which we highlight our adhesives for visual communication, textile industry, decoration and labelling and we offer exclusive advantages in online shopping.

The year has changed, but our desire to affirm decal´s brand worldwide remains. That is why we have decided that 2021 is going to be a year of opportunities. Therefore, we have launched the campaign “decal opportunities”...

In July, monomeric vinyl with PE anti-humidity protection double-sided liner is on promotion once again.

June is the month for more sustainable visual communication campaigns. Buy PVC-free with anti-humidity PE liner products online.

Decal products with dot matrix adhesive are new and we make the launch even more special with the unique purchasing conditions in our April opportunities campaign.

The month of March is doubling down on anti-humidity protection and discounts. Why? Because the advantages of buying online are now available for both monomeric and polymeric vinyl.

Decal opportunities continue with advantageous conditions in online purchasing of the Polymeric Vinyl range. Humidity protection of the PE liner is highlighted in February.