3 Jan 2022

With decal´s new anti-humidity vinyl, curling is a thing of the past

Each month of 2022 is a synonym of decal opportunities though the campaign that gives you very advantageous purchasing conditions. Discover January´s novelties and stay watchful of the next ones to guarantee that your company stands out in different market segments throughout the year.


| highlighted products

Decal printing and lamination solutions for floor applications

Monomeric Vinyl 

| advantages

When making your order in our online store you receive a 20% discount voucher, to discount in the future, always with the guarantee of our 100% satisfaction seal

| general conditions


a) All orders for any product in campaign, carried out by the customer on decal´s online store during the current campaign

b) Orders submitted by members of the commercial teams are not allowed

c) Vouchers are valid for 60 days after the end of the campaign in force on the date of order submission

d) The voucher amount can only be applied to a future order for the following product categories: Sign Graphics, Overlaminate & Protection Film and Textile & Apparel

e) The value of the voucher is calculated on the net price of the products with the following formula: 20% x the net value of the ordered products covered by the campaign

f) The final calculation of the voucher amount is adjusted to the availability of delivery of the products

g) The voucher is issued to distributors after order submission and to final customers after the satisfaction of the products available for delivery

h) The value of the voucher accumulates with the customer's discounts

i) The campaigns cannot be combined with others that are in force at the date of purchase

j) The order in which the voucher is applied does not give rise to a new voucher

k) If the value of the order in which the voucher is applied is less than the value to be discounted, the difference is lost

l) Each discount voucher can only be used once

m) In case of partial or total return of the order, the customer loses the right to the proportional value of the voucher issued


a) The satisfaction guarantee only covers the quality of decal's products

b) The period for claiming non-satisfaction is 15 days

c) The money is returned by credit note in a current account, and the corresponding amount can be used in future purchases

d) The amount of the payment made is refunded if the customer requests the settlement of the credit not