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12 May 2021

We were featured in PROSIGN magazine's special regarding self-adhesive materials and films. Read the interview in which Armando Mota da Silva, our COO, talks about the current market context and reveals the next decal novelties.

28 Apr 2021

Vinyl humidity is a constant “headache” for professionals in large format digital printing. If this is your case, you are certainly familiar with the waving and curling of the material, which compromises quality and generates waste of consumables, time and money.

18 Mar 2021

The application we are going to highlight today is the so-called car wrapping, that is, the decoration of vehicles. A solution which allows you to customize vehicles by changing their exterior with a specific objective, which can include advertising and protection, among others.

17 Feb 2021

Every day, more and more brands try to attract the attention of consumers in different ways and in the most varied places, trying to diversify and improve the shopping experience at physical points of sale. Thanks to these attempts, Floorgraphics laminating films have been gaining more prominence.

10 Feb 2021

We all know the importance of international fairs for companies. Faced by professionals as precious opportunities, whether as exhibitors or visitors, it is worth preparing your passport and traveling through the different continents, where each event will make your company part of the new trends.

1 Feb 2021

We start February with a renewed desire to offer decal opportunities to our customers who buy online. The campaign continues to focus on the Premium Collection for Sign Graphics and covers lamination and printing products.

28 Jan 2021

We launched the new online portal in October 2020 with the aim of creating a dynamic and intuitive virtual space, in which we provide relevant and practical information about us and our products. No matter what time it is, the doors of our online store are always open, and the data shows that more and more customers are buying decal online safely.

22 Jan 2021

From the very beginning, decal assumed its “Think Green” commitment. Why? Because every day we have to make decisions regarding the future and, when talking about decal’s PVC Free range, we talk about sustainability. Not only for indoor and outdoor applications, but also for companies and the planet.

27 Jan 2020

The new paper coating developed in the Decal laboratory made Digidelta stand out in the second edition of the Business Innovation Award.