Quality and 
RDI Policy

Quality, Research, Development and Innovation Policy

Bearing in mind the challenges posed daily by an increasingly competitive market, Digidelta assumes Quality, Research, Development and Innovation as strategic areas and as a means of creating capital gains and developing new business areas.

We are committed to stimulating Research and Innovation, through Knowledge and Innovation Management, achieving the development of new and differentiating solutions, in order to promote the increase of value for the organization, for our partners and customers and society in general .

Our Quality and RDI strategies are based on the following principles:

  • - Promote the creativity and innovation culture in a systematic way, calling on the motivation, creativity and qualification of employees, in order to create the conditions for the development of new knowledge and skills in the company;
  • - Ensure an adequate planning, execution and control of the projects and a careful availability of resources, observing a strict compliance with the regulatory, technical and normative requirements, and others applicable to our activity;
  • - Generate and sustain all knowledge generated, as a result of the activities carried out and the relationship with partners, customers, and all interested parties, so that we are able to enhance new opportunities for innovation;
  • - Obtain visibility and recognition of our partners and customers as an innovative company with differentiating skills.

Thus, we assume the commitment to continuously improve our performance, through the fulfilment of the established objectives, investing in:

  • - Technologically innovative equipment and quality consumables, added to highly competitive and innovative financial solutions;
  • - Close relationship between customers and technical and commercial assistance;
  • - Constant training of our employees in order to promote a culture of rigour and an environment that generates scientific and technological knowledge;
  • - Research, development and creation of innovative products, to add value and enable the transfer of knowledge between all parties.

We are also committed to complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and NP 4457:2007 standards at Digidelta and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, reinforcing the capacity to satisfy and exceed the expectations of interested parties.

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Quality and RDI Policy