New range of eco-friendly textile fabrics by decal®

In the ever-evolving world of the textile industry, sustainability has become more than just a buzzword. It's a necessity. As the industry grapples with its environmental impact and the European Green Deal's goal for all textiles to be recycled or recyclable by 2030, the demand for eco-friendly fabrics has never been more crucial.


decal® has embraced this mission wholeheartedly: to provide high-quality products that don't compromise the environment. Sustainable fabrics are a reflection of this commitment, demonstrating that it's possible to integrate textile innovation with planet protection. From the athletic properties of Flex to the charm of Travel Mare Eco, decal® is redefining the fabric landscape.



Flex, the future of sportswear fabrics


In the world of sportswear, the demand for fabrics that can withstand rigorous activities while ensuring comfort is paramount. Flex, introduced as Active Jersey, is the answer to this need. With high-impact support, it stands out as the perfect fabric for sportswear and fitness clothing.


Composed of 74% polyester and 26% elastane, Flex is designed for flexibility and durability, two essential qualities for any athletic endeavor. This unique combination ensures that the fabric can stretch and adapt to movements, allowing athletes to reach their peak performance without hindrance.


Elastic polyester, as the name suggests, offers indispensable stretch, but also adaptability, ensuring athletes can move freely without feeling restricted, making every jump, run, or stretch more effective.





Koala Eco, embracing sustainability


In a world where sustainability is not just preferable but essential, Koala Eco stands as a testament to what's possible when comfort meets eco-responsibility. This fabric is gentle on the skin, ensuring unrestricted movement during workouts.


But its true genius lies in its composition. Made from recycled polyester, it reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact without compromising quality or style.


The shift to sustainable fabrics is not just a passing trend; it's an urgent necessity. With 80% of its composition being recycled polyester, Koala Eco leads this green revolution.


But why recycled polyester? The advantages are manifold. It not only significantly reduces waste but also consumes less energy during production. This dual benefit makes it a favorite for both the environment and consumers.





Miami Eco, The ultimate choice for beachwear


Imagine a fabric that allows you to dive into the ocean and emerge ready for a seaside lunch without the discomfort of a wet swimsuit... Miami Eco makes this dream a reality.


Made from recycled PET material, this beachwear fabric is not only quick-drying but also a champion of sustainability.


The importance of quick-drying fabrics, especially in swimsuits, cannot be overstated. It's not just about comfort; it's about the experience, and with Miami Eco, the experience is elevated.


In the world of fashion, style is paramount, and with Miami Eco, there's no need to choose between style and sustainability. It offers the best of both worlds.





Nautical Eco, protection and sustainability


Sunny beach days are what summer dreams are made of. But with the sun comes the need for protection.


Nautical Eco, specifically designed for swim shorts, offers UPF 50+ protection, ensuring that while you enjoy the sun, your skin remains shielded from harmful UVA and UVB rays. But protection is not its only specialty. Made entirely from recycled plastic, it stands as a symbol of Decal®'s commitment to sustainability.


Why is UPF 50+ important? Think of it as a shield, a barrier that ensures harmful sun rays don't reach your skin. This allows you to enjoy your beach day worry-free.


And the power of recycled plastic? It's twofold. It not only reduces waste significantly but also conserves energy, making Nautical Eco a truly eco-responsible choice.





New York Eco, the soft terry revolution


In the world of printing, the fabric is as important as the design. New York Eco, with its premium soft polyester terry fabric, offers the perfect canvas. It's not just soft to the touch; it's durable, ensuring that designs last as long as the memories they evoke.


Its smooth texture makes it perfect for printing, allowing designers to bring their pieces to life with unparalleled clarity. And when it comes to feel, there's nothing like premium polyester. It's soft, it's durable, and it's versatile, making it the fabric of choice for many.





Tomine Eco, performance-driven fabric


Sportswear isn't just about style; it's about performance. And Tomine Eco delivers performance. Designed with athletes in mind, it features features that enhance the athletic experience, from unmatched breathability to moisture-wicking technology.


Staying cool and comfortable, especially during intense workouts, is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Tomine Eco, with its superior breathability, ensures you stay dry and focused, no matter how intense the workout.


And moisture-wicking? It's the technology that pulls moisture away from the body, ensuring quick evaporation. This not only keeps the athlete dry but also improves overall athletic performance.





Travel Mare Eco: The Beach Essential


Beach days are incomplete without the perfect towel. And Travel Mare Eco, featuring sand-repellent and quick-drying technology, makes the perfect towel. Made with recycled polyester fibers, it's an eco-friendly fabric.


Say goodbye to sandy towels and hello to Travel Mare Eco. With its sand-repellent technology, it ensures you can enjoy your beach day without the hassle of sand residue.


With the growing focus on sustainability, recycled polyester towels like Travel Mare Eco are not just a choice; they are the future. This fabric offers the same comfort and quality as regular towels but with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.




decal® demonstrates that sustainable fashion is not just a trend but a necessary path to protect our planet. The fashion industry can and should evolve responsibly, and Decal® is at the forefront of this revolution, now also with eco-friendly fabrics that are the right choice for a greener and more conscious future.

New range of eco-friendly textile fabrics by decal®