decal® and greentex drive sustainability in the textile industry

The partnership established between decal® and greentex stands as a powerful combination to drive sustainability and innovation in the textile industry.


The quest for sustainable solutions in the textile industry is moving at a rapid pace, and the partnership established between decal® and greentex stands as a powerful combination to drive sustainability and innovation. In this article, we present this strategic collaboration, highlighting the environmental benefits, product quality, and positive impact on our customers.

decal®: Leader in innovation for digital printing consumables
decal® is recognized as a leader in the digital printing consumables industry, offering innovative and high-quality solutions to clients worldwide. With unparalleled technical expertise, the company has excelled in product excellence, environmental practices, and commitment to sustainability.

greentex: Reference in sustainable textiles
greentex is a prominent company in the production of sustainable textiles. Focused on reducing environmental impact, it has invested in technologies and processes that promote circular economy and responsible use of natural resources. The fabrics are made from recycled polyester without losing the softness of touch and comfort. In addition to generating zero water waste, they comply with the European Green Deal for all fabrics to be recycled or recyclable by 2030.

The strategic partnership: decal® and greentex
The collaboration between decal® and greentex marks a significant milestone in the textile industry. These companies have joined forces to create an all-in-one solution for the textile industry, combining the quality of decal® Winner sublimation papers and greentex sustainable textiles.

Environmental benefits and sustainability
One of the key aspects that make this partnership effective is the commitment to sustainability and the environmental benefits it provides. By combining the quality and performance of decal® sublimation papers with greentex's sustainably produced textiles, the companies jointly promote a significant reduction in resource consumption, costs, and waste production.

Superior product quality
The union of decal®'s expertise and greentex's excellence results in superior product quality. This unique offering in the market combines the precision and color fidelity achieved through decal®'s digital printing with the durability and comfort of greentex sustainable textiles.

Advantages for decal® customers
This partnership brings significant advantages to decal® customers in the textile industry by offering sustainable choices, superior product quality, comfort, environmental responsibility, and a unique competitive edge. In this way, they can make conscious choices and contribute to a more sustainable future while enjoying the benefits of high-quality and highly competitive products.

An inspiring partnership
The partnership between decal® and greentex is an inspiring example of how the right collaboration can drive sustainability in the textile industry. With a focus on innovation, superior product quality, and environmental benefits, this union stands as a reference for other companies looking to make a difference in their business practices.

It is a strategic alliance that contributes to a more sustainable future, where innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. By providing solutions that combine quality and sustainability, decal® and greentex are leading the way toward a more conscious and planet-committed textile industry.