1 Aug 2023

The new decal® Winner sublimation paper is the secret to high quality

We reveal how the new range of decal® Winner sublimation papers is the key to achieving the best quality.


decal® Winner paper: The secret to high-quality sublimation printing!
Sublimation technology has revolutionized the world of digital printing, especially in the fashion textile industry, sportswear, and home decor. We reveal how the new range of decal® Winner sublimation paper is vital to achieving the best quality in sublimation printing. Discover how important the coating is and how it optimizes the process with reduced ink consumption and increased color intensity.

Understanding sublimation printing
Before introducing decal® Winner it is essential to understand sublimation printing. In brief, sublimation printing involves transferring an image or design onto a substrate, such as paper, using heat and pressure. One of the critical elements in this process is sublimation ink - special ink that transforms into a gas when heated. The other element is the paper used.

decal® Winner sublimation paper
We emphasize that decal® Winner sublimation paper is fundamental to achieving superior quality because it is no ordinary paper. Our new solution for sublimation printing features a specially formulated coating designed to absorb and retain ink. Crucial to the quality and longevity of prints, its ability to release more ink from paper to fabric in just the right amount allows for more vibrant colors with reduced ink usage.

A highly effective coating
decal® Winner paper has a coating that prevents sublimation ink from being absorbed by the fibers of paper and substrate. Its significant advantage lies in its capacity to retain ink on the paper's surface, facilitating a smooth transfer to the substrate during the sublimation process prevents faded, dull, and short-lived prints.

What makes this coating unique?
Specially developed with a combination of materials, such as silica and kaolin clay. The synergy of these components contributes to controlling ink absorption and release, ensuring vivid and precise prints. Its formulation includes other essential additives that, among other things, prevent the paper from curling or wrinkling during printing.

Exclusive benefits of decal® Winner
When printing with the decal® Winner range, the coating ensures that the paper absorbs only the necessary amount of ink. This significant reduction in ink consumption lowers printing costs and promotes environmental sustainability. Additionally, optimizing ink usage contributes to maintaining high print quality, as it easily achieves the desired color and saturation. In conclusion, it results in prints with less ink consumption and more color intensity.

Cost-effective prints
As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages of decal® Winner paper coating is its ability to minimize ink absorption, enabling companies to significantly reduce ink consumption without compromising print quality. The cost-effectiveness of decal® Winner sublimation papers can make a substantial difference in financial outcomes, whether for small printing businesses or large-scale printing enterprises.

Vibrant and durable prints
The new decal® Winner range is an enormous step in the evolution of sublimation printing, asserting itself as the best solution for achieving vibrant and long-lasting results. The control of ink absorption prevents colors from fading, gives designs durability over time, and creates standout pieces of clothing, home decor, and customized promotional items.

Quality lies in sublimation paper and so much more!
decal® Winner paper takes center stage when considering quality in sublimation printing. However, there are other elements where the right investment is crucial, such as a sublimation printer, ink, and heat press. Opting for top-of-the-line equipment and using compatible inks makes all the difference in achieving exceptional prints.

Print profile calibration
Achieve top-notch quality through our support services. We have a highly skilled and experienced technical team specializing in digital print profile calibration, with experts in the precise configuration of printing equipment. In this way, we can address the individual calibration needs of our clients' print profiles, ensuring consistent and vibrant colors in their work.

Join the sublimation printing evolution!
Now you know the secret to achieving maximum quality in sublimation prints, do not wait any longer—get it with our sublimation papers. Be part of the textile industry's evolution and impress your customers with the exceptional results of the new decal® Winner range!