27 Jan 2022

Goodbye to curling on all decal vinyls for printing

Efficiency improved in all decal printing products with ant humidity protection of the PE liner. This authentic innovation in monomeric vinyl undeniably increases the advantages of polymeric vinyl and the PVC FREE decal range.


Curling in vinyl for Sign Graphics has finally disappeared with the application of anti-humidity PE liner in all printing products in the Monomeric Vinyl, Polymeric Vinyl, and PVC Free ranges.

This innovative solution for eliminating humidity in monomeric vinyl is an exclusive characteristic in decal Monomeric Vinyl, which stands out in the market for its resistance and is an economical solution for short-term promotional applications without humidity.

Anti-humidity protection also increases the quality of printing on polymeric vinyl whenever professionals opt for the Polymeric Vinyl decal range to communicate for longer and with more detail.

The advantages of the PE liner are reinforced in the PVC Free decal range. This eco-friendly option ensures more sustainable visual communication applications with less consumable waste from job preparation to printing and print with the same roll.

Billboards, mupis, stands, signage, storefronts, car fleets, restaurant decoration, offices, and other spaces; it is now possible to print with all the decal options without humidity causing the alteration of the color or unwanted stains, streaks, and spots.

The use of these products contributes to the preservation of equipment to the extent that the absence of waving decreases the number of times the print heads hit the vinyl, reducing its wear and cleaning process.

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