7 Sep 2021

Decal´s quality starts with certified European raw materials

Decal´s quality starts from the moment we select the raw materials for our adhesive products. We opt for European, ecological and certified materials, to make sure that the demand with which we start the process (from production to application) matches that of the customers who finish it.


The raw materials we use in our adhesive products are one of the many reasons why we present ourselves as the best partner for large format digital printing professionals.

The option is based on European, ecological and certified materials, which ensure decal´s quality from the first minute and result in innovative, safe and effective solutions for the visual communication, textile, decoration and labeling segments.

The variety of solutions for indoor and outdoor jobs is wide and also has as a starting point our “Think green” commitment, which motivates us to develop and present several ranges with both standard materials and the PVC Free ecological option.

We do not want to limit ourselves to providing answers to the market. We want to increase the confidence of those who choose decal with products regularly tested in our laboratory and certified by accredited entities in order to meet international standard requirements.

Fire resistance certification (fire resistance)

Monomeric and polymeric vinyls for visual communication prints and laminations (graphics and signage), as well as alldecor 2d and wallcover products for interior decoration, comply with the European ISO 13501-1 and ISO 11925-2 standards.

This certification provides greater security in institutional and commercial campaign applications of short and medium duration and on walls and furniture in public and private spaces.

R9 anti-slip certification (anti-slip)

The printing floorprint and lamination floorgraphic products for floor applications are rated 9 on the R scale (slope angle achieved during the ramp test) with respect to the DIN 51130 protection standard which assesses slip resistance performance.

These tests prove that they minimize the risk of slip and fall in specific work environments and other places with high affluence of people, such as public services and shopping centers.

Antimicrobial certification (microbial free)

The microbial free range, for laminating surfaces and printed objects, is certified according to the ISO 22196 standard. The zinc antimicrobial agent incorporated in the PVC composition reduces bacteria by 99.99% and prevents their multiplication for three years.

These antimicrobial properties are attested by our Hygiene+ seal and increase protection in supermarkets, schools, businesses, public transport, restaurants, airports, industrial facilities and elevators.

REACH and RoHs certification (chemical and hazardous substances)

We control chemical and hazardous substances as much as possible, following the guidelines of the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and the RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances) directive.

This legislation has the common aim of reducing and restricting substances considered harmful to human beings and the environment, with regard to their production, use and commercialization in the European Union.