13 Oct 2023

decal® Face Films, the game-changer in digital print industry

Uncover the transformative impact of Decal® Face Films in the realms of the digital print industry. Dive deep into the innovative features and sustainable applications of these groundbreaking face films, setting new standards in quality and environmental responsibility.


In a world where advertising and digital print are continuously evolving, decal® Face Films emerge as a revolutionary innovation, redefining the boundaries of quality, durability, and sustainability. These films are not just another addition to the market; they are a transformative evolution, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable and efficient advertising industry.



The quality of Monomeric and Polymeric PVC Vinyl

Diving into the core of Decal® Face Films, Monomeric and Polymeric PVC Vinyl stand as the pillars of their exceptional quality. These components are meticulously crafted to endure mechanical stresses, preventing any rupture or deformation, ensuring that the films maintain their integrity and aesthetic appeal under various conditions.


Components and Properties

The Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) in these films is a testament to resilience, responding robustly to mechanical stresses. Enhanced with pigments, the films exhibit vibrant colours, optimal opacity, and a choice between glossy or matte finishes, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and applications.

Additives play a crucial role, imparting UV resistance and contributing to the films' overall durability and longevity. The inclusion of plasticizers bestows the films with smoothness and flexibility, making them versatile for various applications.


Main Advantages

Manufactured and certified in the EU, these films epitomize high-quality standards. They are meticulously crafted to prevent plasticizer migration, ensuring that the films maintain their flexibility and structural integrity over time.

With certifications such as the anti-slip R9 for floor graphics, they stand as a paragon of reliability and safety in the industry. The competitive pricing further amplifies their appeal, making them a go-to choice for those seeking quality at an affordable cost.


  • EU manufactured and certified
  • High quality with no plasticizer migration 
  • Floor graphics certified anti-slip R9
  • PVC Film textured to renovate & decorate personalized prints






The Sustainability of PVC Free Films

In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, Decal® Face Films also offers PVC Free films, marking a monumental advancement in eco-friendly advertising solutions. These films embody a harmonious blend of innovation and responsibility, standing as a beacon of sustainable practices in the industry.


Components and Properties

Crafted from non-toxic and odourless Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film, these PVC Free films are a breath of fresh air in the realm of advertising materials. Their construction involves the extrusion and stretching of polypropylene film, resulting in a product characterized by low density, lightweight, and remarkable strength and stiffness.


Main Advantages

The PVC Free films champion sustainability, boasting up to 50% less environmental impact compared to conventional materials. Their resilience against mold, humidity, abrasion, and scratches makes them a durable choice for various applications, ensuring that the prints maintain their allure and functionality over time.

With certifications such as anti-slip R10 for floor graphics and compatibility with Latex and UV inkjet technologies, these films are a powerhouse of features and certifications, solidifying their position as a leading choice in the market.

  • Sustainable & eco friendly PP & PET Film
  • Stretching of PVC vinyl usability
  • Latex, UV and Solvent inkjet technologies
  • PVC Film textured to renovate & decorate with personalized prints




Decal® Face Films stand as a monumental advancement in the realms of advertising and digital print, embodying a perfect symphony of innovation, quality, and sustainability. Their comprehensive range of films, enriched with meticulously crafted components, a spectrum of features, and a array of certifications, positions them as a transformative force, setting unprecedented standards in the industry.



What makes Decal® Face Films stand out in the advertising industry?

Decal® Face Films are a revolutionary product in the advertising and digital print industry due to their exceptional quality, durability, and focus on sustainability. They offer a range of films, including Monomeric and Polymeric PVC Vinyl and PVC Free films, each bringing a host of advantages and certifications that make them suitable for various applications.


How do the components of Monomeric and Polymeric PVC Vinyl contribute to the films' quality?

The components, such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), pigments, additives, and plasticizers, are meticulously selected and crafted to impart qualities like resilience, vibrant colours, UV resistance, and flexibility to the films. This ensures that the films are not only visually appealing but also durable and versatile for various applications.


Are Decal® Face Films environmentally friendly?

Yes, particularly the PVC Free films, which are designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability. These films are non-toxic, odourless, and boast up to 50% less environmental impact compared to conventional materials, making them an eco-friendly choice in the advertising industry.


What certifications do Decal® Face Films hold?

Decal® Face Films come with various certifications such as EU manufacturing and certification, anti-slip certifications like R9 and R10 for floor graphics, and compatibility with Latex and UV inkjet technologies, among others. These certifications underscore the films' reliability, safety, and versatility in different applications.


How do Decal® Face Films contribute to innovation in digital print?

Decal® Face Films contribute to innovation by combining the best of printing and adhesion technologies, offering products that are durable, sustainable, and suitable for various applications. Their range of films, enhanced with numerous features and certifications, sets new standards in quality and sustainability in the digital print industry.


What applications are Decal® Face Films suitable for?

Decal® Face Films are versatile and suitable for a multitude of applications, including floor graphics, personalized prints, and luxury prints, among others. Their various features, such as anti-slip properties, UV resistance, and compatibility with different printing technologies, make them adaptable to various creative and functional requirements in the advertising domain.