2 May 2022

Winners of Bronze medal for World Sustainability

Recognition of Digidelta with the EcoVadis Bronze Medal places decal® among the most sustainable companies in the world. Important recognition validates not just our commitment to ecology but also our good social and commercial practices.


Digidelta was awarded the Bronze Medal by EcoVadis, the largest global supplier of corporate sustainability ratings. Decal®, as a Digidelta brand, is now part of a supply chain that currently integrates more than 90,000 companies from more than 200 industries.

Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oréal, Unilever, and BASF are some of the largest companies from more than 160 countries with which we have come to share the "podium" of global sustainability, following assessment of our policies, implementation measures, and business results.

Assessment in the four areas (environment, labour practices and human rights, fair commercial practices, and sustainable purchasing) needs to meet the criteria based on international standards of sustainable development CSE (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Winning the Bronze Medal puts us amongst 50% of the companies with the best rating. An important step that Armando Mota, COO of Digidelta, highlights:

"Sustainability requirements weigh more and more on purchasing decisions. The tendency for consumers to buy products from companies with a sustainable reputation is overwhelming. In this way, environmental, social, and ethical performance - sustainability - are essential factors for today's business. This certification puts decal® at the top of the chain of these values. Customers of Digidelta are distinguished for the materials used, which respect the essence of sustainability in the present and the future."

EcoVadis certification is an addition to those that Digidelta and decal® already have as a guarantee of ecology, efficacy, and safety. We highlight European raw materials certified by quality, such as fire resistance, anti-slip, chemical control (REACH and RoHS), and permanent and removable adhesives attested by the FDA, FSC, and ISEGA.

Bronze is the first step towards Gold. This certification stimulates our motivation to present the best decal® solutions now, ensuring a better tomorrow for everyone.