13 Jan 2022

Choosing decal means choosing innovation, security and ecology

At decal we are committed to sticking innovation, safety and ecology to the world of large format digital printing with our self-adhesive products for visual communication, textile, decoration and labeling applications.


We believe that we are following the right path, traced over a decade ago, and that each step we take is reinforced by being chosen by professionals from more than 50 countries in printing and laminating jobs.

Discover how innovation, safety and ecology are part of the DNA of decal´s solutions in our monomeric vinyls, polymeric vinyls and PP films.

How we stick innovation

Our adhesives have the quality of the German company BASF (Badische Anilin & Soda Fabrik), and we have added unique properties – developed by us – that strengthen their presence in countless types of indoor and outdoor applications.

High Tack
High Tack permanent adhesives are characterized by high adhesion performance and strong resistance to the conditions of each environment between their application and removal.

Removable Smooth Surface
The removable properties of these adhesives, when applying and removing, are combined with the permanent properties between the two phases. In addition to the possibility of repositioning in the first hours, they stand out for their adherence and resistance, as well as for their removal without residues.

Bubble Free
A differentiating and effective feature that eliminates the unwanted formation of air bubbles, saving time and human resources through quick and easy applications.

Crystal Clear
The transparency of glazed surfaces, such as shop windows, office partitions and building facades, is respected and enhanced with decal proposals, which include these ultra-crystalline adhesives.

When the aim is to carry out a new application without removing the previous one or guaranteeing homogeneous and total coverage of a surface, these blockout adhesives prove to be the ideal solution as they guarantee 100% opacity.

How we stick security

We respect and comply with established international safety standards. In this way, we ensure that decal is a trusted brand in all contexts, including those with greater regulatory requirements, such as hospitals and food packaging, among others.

Our work and our products are certified by renowned entities such as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the ISEGA (Industry Studies and Disposal Company GmbH) in terms of reliability in food contact and human and ecological responsibility.

FDA - Food and Drug Administration
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the US government agency that regulates the safety and effectiveness of companies – not products – in a variety of areas. At the food level, it includes, for instance, ingredients and packaging, as well as medicines and equipment in the medical field.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council
The international association Forest Stewardship Council was founded over 25 years ago to promote good forest management practices. Its certification applies to products, such as books or food packaging, and reflects the companies' willingness to contribute to environmental sustainability.

ISEGA - Industrie-Studien Und Entsorgungsgesellschaft GmbH
The Industrie-Studien Und Entsorgungsgesellschaft GmbH (Industrial Studies and Waste Management) is an independent German institute with over 30 years of experience. Its area of expertise is testing materials such as paper, cardboard and plastics, and its certification is a guarantee of ecology.

How we stick ecology

Our signature “Think green” reflects our commitment to ensure a sustainable future. Therefore, we present an ecological alternative that is appreciated in the types of adhesives we use, as well as in the films in the PVC Free range.

UV Adhesives
Eco-friendly products with high adhesion (high-tack), resistance to heat and humidity, durability and suitability for lamination films. They also stand out for their crystal clear adhesives, the inexistence of silvering and milky effects and their adhesion to all types of ink.

Water Based Adhesives
Ecological materials, formulated with a water base and with reduced volatile organic compounds (VOC). They contribute to safety and sustainability, are distinguished by their low odor and guarantee a residue-free removal.

PVC Free Range
PP (polypropylene) films are perfect for visual communication and interior decoration, with UV protection and stabilization. The PVC-free formulation reduces the ecological footprint, and complies with the European REACH regulation to control the production and use of chemical substances.