29 Mar 2022

5 eco-friendly tips for better production and communication

Planet conservation is high on the agenda for a lot of companies. Many have already assumed the responsibility to minimize their environmental impact. Would you like to be part of this group? Here are five precious tips for sustainable practices in both production and communication.


Climate change has had a significant impact on the planet, reinforcing the fact that there is a need for immediate action. In the past, choosing ecological products was trendy. Nowadays, it is about being proactive in the choice to work towards a more sustainable future.

Many companies have begun to take a position on sustainability. Not only in the ways they develop and manufacture their products, but also in how they communicate with their audiences. These choices show a strong attitude, distinguishing those who follow tendencies from those who stand out for the best reasons.

In this article, we share five tips, based on our experience in the large format digital print market, which enable you to produce and communicate more sustainably.

Overcome the myths of price and quality
The first step is to overcome the myths associated with eco-products, of which the most well-known of these concerns is the cost of raw materials. When these products emerged, they were priced higher than conventional ones. Currently, there are some very affordable solutions. Decal® is an excellent example of this.

Another recurring myth is that the quality of materials is substandard, and results fall short of expectations. Once again, the market has proved that high-quality ecological options have been developed with just as satisfactory results.

Adapt to new production processes
The focus on sustainability has generated significant changes in production processes allowing for a move towards a circular economy. At decal®, we also value coordinated production and consumption systems to reduce, reuse, recover and recycle instead of methods of extracting, producing, and discarding.

Technology has responded to this challenge with constant innovations. Large format digital printing has led to more efficient equipment regarding print speed, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and agility with increasing automation, scanning, and interconnectivity.

Choose environmentally responsible sources
Raw materials are at the centre of production processes. Numerous steps are taken to ensure they come from ecologically responsible sources. We are aware that opting for these sources strengthens the sustainability of production and customer confidence.

Certification has been awarded to us by the FSC Association - Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes good forest management practices. And also, from the ISEGA Institute - Industrie-Studien Und Entsorgungsgesellschaft GmbH, which tests materials such as paper, cardboard, and plastics.

Use less harmful consumables
Large-format digital printing jobs rely on inks and solvents. The offer of less harmful solutions to the environment has been strengthened by putting water-based, UV, and latex eco-solvents ahead of solvent.

All components of the final product must be considered. For example, the various decal® ranges include PP (polypropylene) films produced without plasticizers, UV, and water-based adhesives, which emit fewer volatile organic compounds (COV), and PE liner has anti-humidity protection, which reduces waste.

Send "green" messages
Companies may be greener in their manufacturing but often forget an equally relevant fact. Communication also needs to be done with sustainable materials. It is not enough that the message is "green" but must also be transmitted in a "green" way.

Visual communication campaigns are more effective when customers understand that their application contributes to reducing environmental impact. With this knowledge, we manufacture self-adhesive products, ensuring that the message is positive in every possible way.

Be part of the new era
There are numerous steps to be taken towards a path that meets sustainability to the full. However, we have entered a new era where attitudes have transformed how companies produce and communicate.

Would you like to be part of this group?

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