6 May 2024

Transform Your Spaces with Decal's Innovative Alldecor 2D Collection

This year, Decal is pleased to introduce the groundbreaking Alldecor 2D collection, designed to enrich any setting with its sophistication and versatility. Centered around sustainability and innovation, the collection offers solutions for a wide range of interior decorating projects, from homes and offices to hotels and shops.

Innovative Features:

Alldecor 2D stands for durability, flexibility, and resistance. Made from materials like polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), these films not only withstand high levels of humidity, light, and temperature but also excel in dimensional stability and impact resistance.


Sustainability and Ecology:

Decal reaffirms its commitment to the environment with the Alldecor 2D collection. All materials used are 100% recyclable, promoting the reuse of resources and minimizing the ecological footprint. Furthermore, the use of water-based, solvent-free adhesives highlights our dedication to ecologically responsible production.


Versatile Applications:

The films from the Alldecor 2D collection are perfect for those looking for a renovation without the need for a complete remodel. With customization options through UV or Latex printing, these adhesives are ideal for application on walls, furniture, and other flat surfaces, transforming them into functional works of art.


Exclusive Collections:

The collection offers a variety of finishes, from textures that mimic wood, stone, metal, and fabrics. Each design is carefully created to add elegance and a unique style to spaces, ensuring that each environment reflects a modern and personalized aesthetic.



The Alldecor 2D collection from Decal represents the future of interior decoration. By choosing Alldecor 2D, you opt for products that combine beauty and functionality with environmental responsibility. Discover the unlimited possibilities to enrich and revitalize your spaces with Decal. The samples of this type of fabric will be ready to order starting May 27th.