17 Jun 2024

Decal® Dot Matrix: The Revolution in Vinyl Application

The Dot Matrix is the innovative solution that is transforming the market for adhesive vinyl for short-term promotional campaigns. Designed to exceed user expectations and needs, this new monomeric adhesive offers easy application, is repositionable, and quick to remove, standing out on glass surfaces and much more.

Innovation that Simplifies

One of the major challenges in vinyl application is the formation of air bubbles and wrinkles. The Dot Matrix adhesive solves this problem with an innovative dot pattern that creates channels for air release. This design allows anyone, even without experience, to apply the vinyl efficiently, without the need for a squeegee. The result is a faster application, less material waste, and a flawless surface.

Repositionable and Residue-Free

The Dot Matrix adhesive combines the advantages of removable and permanent adhesives. During application, the vinyl can be repositioned, ensuring adequate adhesion only after prolonged exposure. When it's time to remove the vinyl, it comes off easily and without leaving residue, making the process of replacing promotional campaigns simpler and cleaner.

Application Versatility

Available in clear glossy and white matte options, the Dot Matrix offers versatility for applications requiring transparency, such as inverted prints for exterior reading, as well as for those needing total opacity, like creating private spaces or differentiating areas.

Resistance and Sustainability

With fire resistance certification (B s1 / d0 classification) according to European standards ISO 13501-1 and ISO 11925-2, the Dot Matrix is not only safe but also eco-friendly. It uses a water-based adhesive, free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and a PE anti-humidity liner that reduces material waste. This commitment to sustainability is reinforced by FSC and ISEGA certifications, ensuring responsible and safe production.

Technical Specifications

The Dot Matrix vinyl is a 100 mic monomeric self-adhesive, suitable for solvent, latex, and UV printing technologies. Ideal for short-term indoor applications on flat, smooth, and non-porous surfaces, it offers a durability of up to 6 months when applied. To ensure the best results, it is recommended to store the vinyl in its original packaging, in a dry place protected from sunlight, and to follow specific application instructions, such as cleaning the surface beforehand and applying without water.


The Dot Matrix innovation by decal® is more than just an adhesive solution. It is a significant advancement that simplifies processes, increases efficiency, and promotes sustainability. If you are looking for a practical and eco-friendly solution for your promotional campaigns, the Dot Matrix is the ideal choice. Experience this innovation and keep pace with your campaigns with decal®. For more information, visit our website and discover how we can help transform your ideas into reality.