6 May 2024

The New Era of Sustainability: European Parliament Directive and Decal's Ecological Innovation

The recent directive approved by the European Parliament against greenwashing represents a crucial milestone in companies' environmental responsibility. This legislation, aimed at combating false or misleading environmental claims, sets a new standard of transparency and authenticity in business practices.

Simultaneously, Decal emerges as an example of innovation and commitment to sustainability, particularly through the development of eco-friendly stickers and PVC-free products, key elements in obtaining its environmental certifications.


Understanding the Directive Against Greenwashing

The directive, approved with an overwhelming majority of votes, aims to protect consumers from unfair commercial practices and help them make more informed purchasing decisions. It requires companies to abandon generic claims such as "environmentally friendly," "biodegradable," and "climate-neutral" that cannot be substantiated. This measure aims to combat the disposable culture, make marketing more transparent, and fight premature product obsolescence.


Key Aspects of the Directive:

Consumer Protection: Assisting consumers in making informed purchasing decisions through reliable labels and advertisements.

Transparency in Marketing: Prohibition of general environmental claims without concrete evidence.

Focus on Durability: Encouragement for producers and consumers to focus more on product durability.

Regulation of Sustainability Labels: Only sustainability labels based on official certification systems or created by public authorities will be allowed in the EU.


Decal's Certifications: An Authentic Commitment to Sustainability

Decal, with its unwavering focus on sustainability, has achieved several important environmental certifications, reflecting its commitment to innovation in eco-friendly products. These certifications are not just badges of honor; they represent a deep and ongoing commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

The EcoVadis certification is one of the most respected in the corporate world, evaluating companies in crucial areas such as sustainability, labor practices, and business ethics. Decal stands out in this assessment, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to responsible business practices. Decal's use of eco-friendly stickers and PVC-free products is a clear example of its dedication to sustainability. These products not only reduce environmental impact but also promote a more sustainable product lifecycle, from production to disposal.


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council): Responsible Forest Management

The FSC certification is a testament to Decal's commitment to responsible forest management. This certification ensures that the wood and paper products used by Decal come from responsibly and sustainably managed forests. Decal's choice of sustainable materials and production practices that respect the environment demonstrates its active role in promoting conservation of natural resources and protecting biodiversity.


ISEGA: Safety and Quality in Products for Sensitive Industries

The ISEGA certification, focused on products for the food and pharmaceutical industries, is particularly relevant for Decal, as it ensures that its adhesives are safe and solvent-free. This certification ensures that Decal's products meet rigorous health and safety standards, essential for products that come into direct contact with food and medicines. Obtaining this certification reflects Decal's commitment to providing products that not only meet but exceed safety and quality expectations.


Compliance with REACH and RoHS: Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Decal's compliance with the European regulations REACH and RoHS is an indication of its commitment to minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals. These regulations are essential to ensure that products in the European market do not harm human health or the environment. By adhering to these standards, Decal demonstrates its responsibility in avoiding the use of harmful solvents and PVC, contributing to a safer and more sustainable environment.


Decal's Innovative and Sustainable Products: The Essence of 'Think Green'

Aligned with its motto "Think Green," Decal not only adopts sustainable policies but also incorporates them at the core of its products. This innovative and eco-friendly approach is the foundation for obtaining its environmental certifications and reflects the brand's genuine commitment to sustainability.

Decal's ongoing commitment to PVC-free films is another aspect of its commitment to sustainability. By choosing materials that do not contain PVC, Decal not only benefits the environment but also meets the expectations of consumers and business partners who are increasingly aware of environmental issues.



The directive from the European Parliament and Decal's initiatives are indicative of an era where sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it is an essential business practice. Through its eco-friendly stickers and PVC-free products, Decal not only complies with new regulatory requirements but also positions itself as a leader in sustainable innovation. In a world that increasingly values environmental responsibility, Decal stands out as an example to follow.