20 Apr 2020

Perfect combination of printing and laminating

NextStep chose decal solutions of vinyl and lamination to decorate the PorSi (Intermarché), distribution fleet, obtaining resistant and long-lasting applications, produced without having to worry about problems such as the milky effect and the silvering effect.


Who we inspired
NextStep, as the name implies, always seeks to be one step ahead in the market from the moment it started responding to customer requests in the advertising, digital printing, graphic design, web design and event organization sectors. Over 20 years of existence, the project’s portfolio has solidified with the solutions that appear in the facilities located in the Industrial Area of ​​Torres Novas and promises to continue to increase.

Digidelta, we have a problem...
Among the requests made to this company that presents itself as a source of “innovative ideas” came from Intermarché, the banner of Os Mosqueteiros Group. The “passion for production” is another differentiating element that they assume and has been challenged with the decoration of the almost 90 trucks that are part of the distribution network of the PorSi brand, in the logistics base of Alcanena, requiring products that ensure unique and lasting applications.

Challenge accepted!
The passion was matched by the perfect combination of printing and lamination of decal self-adhesives, such as polymeric vinyl P HT BF PE 75 BO and polymeric overlaminate P HT 75. The vinyl ensured long-lasting outdoor applications with high resistance and the lamination protected the printing without the concern of milky effect resulting from the separation of the laminate and the film, nor of the silvering effect, consequence of the air bubbles generated between the laminate adhesive and the printing side of the substrate.

Results in view
This option strengthened confidence. Whether the NextStep's in the products developed by decalthe Intermarché’s in the professionalism of NextStep and the Intermarché’s consumers in the PorSi brand. In all cases, with long-lasting results that will travel the country's roads over the next few years with the same strength as today.